Pet-friendliness can be a deciding factor when renting a living space. We listed the best and worst cities for renters with pets. Find out how your city ranks!

Whether or not you own a pet can be a major deciding factor when it comes to renting a house or apartment. Since 7 in 10 millennials are pet owners, it’s more important than ever that the process to find a pet-friendly rental home or apartment is as easy as possible, which is why we offer the option to toggle by pet-friendly rentals on our Homes for Rent tool.

But, as a real estate company, we also have access to large-scale data concerning the details of apartment complexes, condominiums, townhomes, and residential houses in many cities across the country –including their pet policies. We thought: why not turn this data into a useful tool so that the renters who use our site can get the most informed look possible at where they have the best chance of finding a pet-friendly rental in the United States?

And that’s exactly what we did! Use our internal listing information as of October 29, 2019, we compiled the 75 best and worst cities for renters with pets, based on the percentage of pet-friendly rentals out of the total number of rental properties in the city. Where did your city fall on the list? Read on to find out!


The Best Cities for Renters with Pets

The Best Cities for Renters with Pets

According to the data, the best city for renters with pets is Louisville, KY. 62.53% of rental listings in this city are pet-friendly! And this makes perfect sense to us. A great city for pet owners can mean many things. Louisville, for example, is known as a pet paradise because it’s chock full of pet resorts, retreats, and boutiques to treat your furry friend!

Indianapolis, the runner-up best city for renters with pets with 61.2% pet-friendly rental listings, is also an ideal spot for pet owners. Many businesses and restaurants in the city are dog-friendly. They also have a large variety of dog parks. Clearly, Indy knows what pet owners need.

And finally, Atlanta came in as the third-best city for renters with pets, with 59.85% of rental listings marked as pet-friendly. Atlanta happens to be known for their wide variety of pet-friendly hotels, so perhaps the rental market decided to follow suit!

We’d consider any of the cities on this list a safe bet for pet owners looking to rent a new place, but any city with over 50% pet-friendly rental listings is certainly the safest bet for you and your furry family members. So, what about the cities that didn’t stack up so well in terms of pet-friendliness?


The Worst Cities for Renters with Pets

The Worst Cities for Renters with Pets

The city with the lowest percentage of pet-friendly rentals (only 4.43%) is Houston, TX. Of course, this sprawling metropolis has a highly competitive and expensive rental market, making it one of the most expensive places to rent in Texas. Often, when it comes to cities where rent is extremely high, it is more difficult to find pet-friendly apartments. This doesn’t mean that Houston itself isn’t pet-friendly though –there’s plenty to do with your dog, for example!

The same reality about hyper-competitive markets, however, is also true in New York City, which is the second-least pet-friendly rental market in the U.S., with only 6.86%. We all know that New York has one of the tightest real estate markets in the country, which means pet-friendliness falls to a lower priority.

And finally, we have Worcester, MA, which is the third-least pet-friendly rental market in the U.S. (6.87%). This surprised us, as Worcester is a smaller city that is close to many rural areas. However, Worcester is in the middle of a renaissance and has one fastest-growing rental markets in Massachusetts. Perhaps the need for pet-friendliness will come later down the line.

In order to see the complete results of our study, view the interactive data table below.

Remember, a low percentage of pet-friendly rentals doesn’t mean you can’t find a great rental in any of these cities –you may just have to look a little harder! Unsure where to begin? Check out our Rental Guide, which will guide you through the process step-by-step, from the rental application to move-in day. We even have a guide to renting with pets!


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