F.N.I. Feature Makes Finding the Perfect Neighbor Easier Than Ever

Norfolk, Va. (Apr. 1, 2017) – Homes.com is pleased to unveil its Friendly Neighbor Index (F.N.I), the latest addition to its real estate tools, providing homebuyers with an innovative feature to make the decision-making process of where to live even more personalized and easy. In the past, when considering a neighborhood, buyers would have to physically make an effort to introduce themselves to their soon-to-be neighbors and gauge their compatibility based on social interaction and small-talk. Leveraging machine learning, public, social and proprietary data, Homes.com®, is now able to make that task easier to complete, without potentially messy in-person interaction.

The F.N.I. feature, included in both our for sale and rental listings, takes the guesswork and effort out of assessing your new neighbors with an easy-to-read output available on the Homes.com portal, mobile app, and available via an API for easy integration in partner sites. The F.N.I. simplifies the complex potential of human interaction and compatibility with a user-friendly color scale of green (barbecues and block parties) to red (lawsuits and constant complaints to the HOA). Users will easily be able to select their ideal neighborhoods and perfect neighbors.

“With so many individuals today utilizing their mobile devices in their home search, we wanted to capitalize on this audience by empowering perfect neighbor matches,” says Grant Simmons, VP at Homes.com, “the advances in artificial intelligence, geo-coding, and personality analysis allowed us to create a nationwide database of real-time personality compatibility.”

The F.N.I. data will appear within Homes.com websites before the end of April, and will be accessible through the Homes.com mobile app before the summer buying season. With this innovative technology, Homes.com looks to shake-up the housing market by giving homeowners and renters another reason to use Homes.com to find their ideal home and neighbors.

Watch for more details in the coming weeks about the upcoming release of F.N.I. Until then, find your perfect home and neighborhood on Homes.com.

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