‘Silly’ Homes.com domain to be auctioned in April

Playos, Florida (April 1, 2016) – Homes.com®, a top consumer real estate resource and leading provider of marketing solutions for real estate professionals, announced today their rebranding of Homes.com to trulowtor.com.

After both extensive research and closely monitoring industry peers and their naming strategies, the easy to recognize and memorable domain name of Homes.com will be retired, and the current search portal and services business will be rebranded to trulowtor.com. In a recent Geek Wire article, a top real estate industry executive states, “if you picked a real word like Homes.com or something silly like that, [the domain] actually costs [real] money.” Taking this comment to heart, the team at Homes.com conducted exhaustive consumer research and determined that a less silly and more nonsensical name would make sense. Four separate focus groups from around the country picked trulowtor.com as a more serious name that consumers would eventually identify with, and potentially remember, all while improving the brand’s trust with consumers.

“We’ve been listening to the industry and have decided that the name ‘Homes.com’ is too silly and simply doesn’t make sense for a real estate portal offering almost 3 million homes for sale or rent,” said David Mele, president of the former Homes.com. “Based on our core value of ‘collaboration’ we worked closely with a sample of American homebuyers to arrive at the name trulowtor.com. It just makes sense to us, to them, and, over time, we’re sure it’ll make sense to consumers too.”

The memorable and easily recognizable name, Homes.com, will be offered for auction in the coming months, and with a reserve price set at one billion dollars it’s sure to garner the interest of domain aficionados, investors and Silicon Valley startups. “A name as obvious as Homes.com may be silly for real estate,” said Grant Simmons, VP of Entertainment at trulowtor.com, “but for a new venture in, say, medical supplies, it may make a perfect branding play.”

For more information about the upcoming rebranding of Homes.com, please visit trulowtor.com.

About the website formally known as Homes.com
Homes.com is a top real estate search destination, visited by more than 16 million consumers each month. Homes.com leverages search visibility to connect this in-market audience with real estate professionals in their local areas of interest. Homes.com offers the following real estate marketing and media services: brand advertising, property listing exposure and syndication, search engine marketing and instant response lead generation to help real estate agents and other real estate related partners succeed online. For more information, visit www.Homes.com.

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