Survey Shows 52% Consider Dog’s Needs; 27% Rank Pet Accommodations as Top Priority


NORFOLK, VA – (November 6, 2020) — Man’s best friend is top dog in many homebuying and renting decisions, according to a new survey by 52% of dog owners are looking for dog-friendly digs when they’re searching for their next domicile, with 27% saying their decision revolves “completely” around their pet, 18% “somewhat” and 7% “mostly” considering their dog’s needs in their home or apartment hunt. surveyed almost 700 dog owners, highlighting how dogs factor into our home lives, including where we live. The survey was inspired by the upcoming dog-centric Amazon Original Series, The Pack. The 10-episode global competition, hosted by gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and her canine co-host Lucy, celebrates the unrivaled bond between dogs and their human companions. The Pack premieres on Prime Video on November 20th. 

In other survey findings:

  • 32% of renters and other non-homeowners ranked their dog’s needs as a top priority in choosing a residence compared to 24% of homeowners, perhaps reflecting the frequency of no-pet policies and other limitations in a non-owned setting. 
  • 45% of dog owners who factored their dogs into their residential selection said their most important consideration was having an enclosed yard. Having enough indoor space was not nearly as high a priority, with only 15% of dog owners citing it as a top concern.
  • 47% said their dog prefers “soft” spots in the home, such as the couch, the dog’s bed, or even their own bed.
  • 52% said their dogs’ favorite things to do at home or around the neighborhood were active endeavors; of those, the most popular activity was going for walks (49%), followed by games of fetch (32%), car rides (14%) and swimming in the pool (5%).
  • 41% said if they could have any adventure with their dog, it would be a cross-country road trip. Mountain sports like hiking came in at 27%, followed by water sport activities (13%), touring ancient ruins (8%), cave exploring (8%), and air activities like skydiving (3%).
  • 58% of respondents said they moved into their current residence with their dog. Broken down by homeownership status, 69% percent of homeowners said so, compared to 48% of non-homeowners
  • 77% of homeowners surveyed said they are currently dog owners, while that number dropped to 63% for non-homeowners. 

“We’re excited to collaborate with Amazon Prime Video in celebration of this new series, which inspired us to examine not only the relationship between dogs and their humans, but also their relationship within the home,” said president David Mele. “Dogs are members of the family, so their comfort in the home is just as important as everyone else living there.” 

The Pack will be available on Prime Video on November 20th for Prime Video members in more than 240 countries and territories.


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About The Pack
The Pack is a new global unscripted series that celebrates the unrivaled bond between dogs and their human companions. Hosted by gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and her canine co-host Lucy, the series features twelve teams of dogs and their humans on an epic adventure across multiple continents. The Amazon Original series The Pack will premiere on November 20th, on Amazon Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories.

At stake is a life-changing $750,000 for the winning duo and their charity, with $500,000 going to the winners and $250,000 for the animal charity of their choice. Additionally, The Pack donated $250,000 during filming to multiple charities and animal rescue organizations in each country, helping to pay it forward to dogs and those who love them around the world. To win the monetary prize for themselves and their charity, the teams will have to depend on their understanding of one another’s strengths and weaknesses and prove to have the strongest bond in the pack. In each locale, the human and dog duos will face fun and exciting challenges, designed in concert with a team of accredited veterinarians and certified dog experts that also accompany the group on their exciting journey, making sure it is a positive experience for everyone. 

The Pack is produced by Amazon Studios and Renegade 83, an Entertainment One company. Jay Bienstock with Jay Renfroe and David Garfinkle of Renegade 83 serve as Executive Producers.


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