Looking for a little ‘real estate romance’ this time of year?  Homes.com has found the most romantic cities in the U.S. and is revealing the housing market behind these areas.  Will Cupid find romance with the real estate market in these cities, too?

To celebrate the love this Valentine’s day, Homes.com explored the internet and found the most romantic cities in the U.S.  Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of a popular dating website, claims that “love and travel go hand in hand” and that “cities that can inspire the hearts of Romeos and Juliets all over have seen the most improvement in their tourism[i].”  Can a little romance also help improve the real estate industry?  Fall in love with the first half of these cities and find out if their housing markets are just as sweet!

10. San Diego, CA has extensive beaches and an ideal climate year-round, which makes it the “perfect backdrop for a romantic rendezvous[ii].”  Couples can enjoy plenty of “amorous activities” that include everything from attending luxurious spas to whale watching off the coast!  How romantic is the housing market here?  According to a recent blog post, San Diego – A Little Piece of Paradise, there are definitely signs of improvement and homes are beginning to “sell at a faster rate.”  Currently, the median asking price for homes for sale on Homes.com is $474,000[iii], which is a slight reduction from the median we reported in October, 2012. This could fuel an increased demand.

9. When thinking of the most romantic city in the world, most would agree that Paris, France, immediately comes to mind.  However, for those looking in the U.S., New Orleans, LA “offers all of the ornate architecture, rich food, and freely flowing booze of Paris[iv].”  As romantic as New Orleans can be, this city is also, according to Wikipedia, considered the “most unique city in America[v],” landing it in spots on both our Spooky Spaces, Spooky Places and our Home for the Holidays lists.  Is the housing market in this city just as unique?  With a median list price of $175,000, home shoppers here can expect reasonably priced properties to go along with the many styles of housing, which range from the bungalow style to large antebellum homes.

8. Though renowned as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” Las Vegas, NV is also considered to be “a great town to put the romance back into a relationship[vi].”  We found this city on three different romantic lists and, according to the one on Travel + Leisure, “wild weekends aren’t just for singles.”  Are you looking to spend more than a wild weekend in Sin City?  Even though the real estate market is known to be sinful with short sales, there are signs of improvement for the area.  One local news source recently reported that the housing market in this city is continuing “its upward trend[vii].” Asking prices seem to be the most affordable from this list, currently reflecting a median of $150,000.

7. According to a list from U.S. News Travel, Santa Fe, NM is considered among the best romantic retreats, with a range of offerings that include “a thriving arts district to cuisine that is sure to spice up any dinner-date[viii].”  Additionally, couples can enjoy the romantic sunset view which transforms “the horizon from ocean blue to fiery red.”  If you’re thinking of enjoying these romantic views year round, the current median asking price is $459,000 and almost as high as San Diego.  However, the Albuquerque Journal notes that the economy in Santa Fe “remains dependent on hospitality and real estate” and that, while the state of New Mexico as a whole lost jobs, Santa Fe gained them[ix].

6. As an “international hub for finance, commerce, and transportation[x],” Chicago, IL  doesn’t seem like the most romantic place at first, yet it lives up to the Windy City nickname with views that are sure to take any couple’s breath away.  And, according to a study from a popular dating website, MissTravel.com, Chi-town is one of the cities that tops the list of romantic destinations for traveling couples.  Is this city as romantic for couples looking to buy a home?  The available properties for sale on Homes.com seem to be relatively affordable for new couples and this city’s median list price is presently just under $200,000.

At Homes.com, we love real estate!  Valentine’s Day inspired us to find a little ‘real estate romance’ this year and we hope that these cities inspire the same love for your home shopping experience.  If you would like to continue your romantic experience, look out for Part 2 and prepare to fall in love with the remaining top cities.


*Ranking Methodology:  Cities with more than one mention are sorted by their average rank from the romantic city articles/lists found on a variety of sources, including TRAVEL + LEISURE, Huffington Post, U.S. News Travel, Yahoo! Travel, Amazon.com, CNN Travel, and Forbes.

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